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Powder Metal Chain Sprockets

sintered metal sprockets

Powdered metal chain sprockets are a vibrant part of our business. Sintered metal sprockets require precise tooth profiles, high core strength, and high durability to allow for maintenance-free, low-noise, high-efficiency chain drives.

Why use powdered metal chain sprockets rather than traditionally machined sprockets?

  • Net shape capability
  • Minimal or no machining and scrap loss
  • Good surface finishes and tribological properties
  • Cost-effective, high volume manufacture of complex or unique shapes
  • Complex shapes and geometries not practical or impossible with other metal forming processes
  • Part-to-part consistency at exacting tolerances
  • Long-term performance reliability in critical applications
  • Sustainable manufacturing – Green technology

Sintered chain sprockets are extensively used in automotive, industrial and recreational engines. Their precise tooth profiles, high strength and wear characteristics make powder metal the technology of choice.

powder metal sprocket
sintered metal sprockets
powder metal sprocket
powder metal sprocket