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Compression Limiters for Plastic (Powder Metal)

Compression Limiters for Plastic

Compression Limiters for Plastic have proven to be a niche market for Innovative Sintered Metals. Our Engineering staff has developed creative part designs which provide the customer with resistance to axial and radial pullout forces required for many industrial and automotive applications. Shown is a sample representation of some of our powder metal compression limiter components currently in production.

Compression limiters preserve the integrity of threaded joints when fastening plastic-to-plastic or plastic-to-metal assemblies. When tightening bolts to get the required friction between threads, the plastic can get compressed. Without the compression limiter, plastic can move/shift, eventually loosening the joint and failing. This important component limits the pressure placed on the plastic when the bolt has been tightened, ultimately increasing the overall reliability and longevity of your product.

Innovative Sintered Metals (ISM) provides high quality powder metal compression limiter solutions for a multitude of demanding applications. If you have a specific application for Compression Limiters for Plastic that requires a custom design or material, please contact us today!

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