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Production Capabilities

Powdered Metal Stainless Steel
Powdered Metal Stainless Steel

Innovative Sintered Metals has made a significant investment into new production equipment in our molding and sintering areas. Our molding presses range from 15 to 550 tons and are suited for complex shapes.

Our sintering furnaces are capable of higher sinter temperatures up to 2350 °F (1290°C) suitable for high strength iron and stainless steel applications. We have the capability for sinter hardening using rapid cooling technology.

Production Capabilities – Molding

  • 12 molding presses ranging in size from 15 tons to 550 tons
  • Produce shapes ranging from simple straight-wall to complex multi-level magnetic pole pieces and sprockets
  • Examples: cams, gears, sprockets, pulleys, latches, construction clamps, bushings, bearings, knobs, compression limiters, coil housings, pole pieces


Production Capabilities – Sintering

  • Continuous belt furnaces up to 24″
  • Conventional sintering to 2150 °F
  • High temperature sintering to 2350°F
  • Sinter hardening/Rapid cooling
  • Direct feed H2 & N2 atmosphere
  • Closed loop process control


Post Sinter Processes

  • Assembly
  • CNC Turning
  • Deburring (wet/dry)
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Grinding
  • Heat Treat
  • Oil/Resin Impregnation
  • Platings & Coatings
  • Sizing
  • Steam Treat
  • Laser Welding
powder metal gassbarre press
owder metal brazing furnace